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Meet Nazia Bano, a talented and Budding athlete of District Ganderbal – Ehsaan Yousf

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Meet Nazia Bano, a talented and Budding athlete of District Ganderbal

Ehsaan Yousf 

Meet Nazia Bano, a talented and Budding athlete of District Ganderbal

Ganderbal 10 Jan 2022(JKNL): Nazia Bano, Daughter of Mohammad Fareed, born in Haripora, at District Ganderbal. Haripora is considered backward and downtrodden because of meager facilities in Education, Sports etc.The people of this village are mainly engaged with agriculture and other activities of manual labour. There is lesser concept of education and other Co-curricular activities. That is why as a sports person and athlete, the journey of Nazia has not been so easy at all, as she has struggled a horrible battle since from her childhood. Nazia is a brilliant student as well as a talented and budding athlete. She received her preliminary education at Govt high school Wussan. After passing 10th class examination, Nazia joined Arts at Government higher secondary school Manigam and she is currently reading in class 11th.

Nazia paved way to her dreams and success by her own determination and dedication towards sports. Since from the childhood, Nazia proved to be keen sports person by her extraordinary determination and dedication for sports activities. She took part in sports like running, rope skipping, as National throw ball player, Wall climbing Sqay Martial Arts etc. She got training in Sqay Martial Arts from Saleem Pathan Sir, a renowned Martial Arts Player.

During the course of time, Nazia emerged as a good athlete and was busy with her Sqay Martial Arts training. While Some members of her family tried to resist and abandon her from playing the game. Moreover, she was never appreciated by anyone for this. Which proved to be a great barrier and hindrance for her sports career, but she never quit her aim and continued to take part in her favourite games.

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It was a very tough time for Nazia, a young girl who also faced severe criticism from her villagers too. But she never looked back and continued to take trainings in Sqay Martial Arts and became the Iconic figure in Martial Arts of District Ganderbal and an inspiration to many more.

Nazia is also very good in rope skipping, National throw ball, wall climbing. It also proved hard for her to play such games due to non availability of such platforms especially for girls in the valley. Meanwhile, by hook or by crook, Naiza managed to do her basic course in Martial arts. She also got chance in running, rope skipping, national throw ball, Wall climbing at District and State Levels, in which she got (20) Gold Medals at District level and a Silver medal at State Level.

Quoting Nazia, ” When you are doing well and nobody supports you, just support yourself by your own Will and move ahead. Focus on what you want to achieve, and work for your goals sincerely,”

We all wish a grand success to Nazia, the talented and budding athlete of District Ganderbal and wish her a happy journey ahead (JKNL)

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