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Youth! The Only Asset and Hope for Bright Nations – Faheem ul islam

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Youth is the prime time of one’s life,where a human is no more a child but an adult with passion, energy, power,drive and desire.

When the human has an ability with full enthusiasm towards his/her goal.Islam takes extra care for youth as they are the builders of nation (The future leaders of ummah) and who struggle very hard to stay on the righteous path. The history of mankind is witnessed that youth plays a main role in revolutionary movements in nation and society. The period of youth lies between two phases of life infirmity_childhood on one hand and old age on another one.So this is the age when a person can do whatever he want,so to waste the time of youth means wasting whole life.

The Prophet (PBUH) said “Take advantages of five things before five other things. Your youth before you become old, your health before you fall sick,your richness before you become poor, your free time before you become busy and your life before your death”.

The Prophet (PBUH) also said, “The son of Adam will not pass away from Allah until he is asked about five things,

1-How he lived his life, 2- How he utilized his youth, 3-with what means did he earns his wealth, 4- How did he spend his money and 5- what did he dowith his knowledge (Tirmidi). The best intention for Muslim youth is to engage themselves in activities which are beneficial to whole humanity.
The Arabic word laghv implies all, that is vain, uselessand meaningless and it also means the truth less and false stories and tales. This is characteristics of Momineen to pass in a dignified manner if ever they come across”what is vain” or “useless or laghv. They do not intentionally go anywhere to hear or see or take part in any type of laghv things and if by chance they see such things,They keep away and avoid them.

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Muslims, who believe in Akhara regards the world as a place of test, and consider life as the limited time given for the test. And because of this feeling Momineen behave seriously and responsibly throughout their life just like the student who is taking an examination paper with his whole attention of mind, body and soul. Just as the student who knows and feels that each moment ofthe limited time during examination is important and decisive for his future life,and is not inclined to waste it, so the Believers, Momineen also spends each moment of his life on works which are useful and productive and which haveweightage in the Akhara. So much so even in matters of recreation and sport,Momin makes a choice of only those things which prepare him for higher ends in life and do not result in wastage of time.Dear brothers and sisters, many students are also reading this or many of us experienced student life. We all know that during examination, we totally changed our activities. Both masjids and libraries normally occupied with the students. We can see clear change of activities during examination. Everyone clearly realizes that they have to pass the exam, all tried their best, all tried hard, all scarified their sleep, play and other activities to get good score during the exams. Why?

Because it is the matter of our future.What will you say about those students who instead of preparing for the exam, who instead of solving the examination paper, just involved in useless things, playing cards or watching movies etc.? You definitely define them as a student who is mad or have no concerns with the exam. Dear brothers and sisters likewise, there is one examination, one test which we all are doing even right now. Each moment, each second that passes, we are monitored and are examined, This is the real test which Allah has put on our shoulders. It is the matter of death and what we will face after death.So we all have to prepare for this because we will not be able to come back to this world after our time reaches to an end.

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The whole history is witnessed that Youth has always played an important role in revolution. Only the youth have the ability to see new dreams of hope and have strong ideas.

But what we see in our present time there is nothing differenciable between a muslim youth and the non muslim youth.

The activities are same like non muslims.How can we say that we are the best people.We are only best at that time when we follow the rules and regulations created by almighty Allah the supreme power.In Quran Allah says “You are the best people evolved for mankind enjoining what is right and forbidden from what is wrong and believing in Allah”.This is the utmost responsibility of Muslim youth.But we see the Muslim society is degraded day by day by the shameful acts of our assets (Youth). So need of the hour is to come back towards our pious and glory religion and start spreading the message of peace given by almighty Allah.

Young age is a very precious part of our lives. At this stage of life, we have much to give to others. It can also become something to be very grateful for if we spend this period of our life in the right way.

Faheem ul islam hails from Achan pulwama pursues his bachelor’s honours degree in political science at Aligarh Muslim University

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