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Where the world is celebrating the ‘women’s day’ with full enthusiasm,And are holding the placards of equality and freedom with slogans of “MERA JISM MERI MARZI”whatever I will do is my own wish,my body is my own possession and no-one has the right to snatch my freedom.

I was born free and my own ways will be free without any hindrance.While the world is chanting the slogans of right to women to fill this gap of gender biased Our sisters and mothers are still knocking the door of justice in kashmir where everyday we come through the news that the women has been raped or rights have been voilated somewhere.

The land which has been called paradise on earth is now barren and full of tyrants. Remembering the night of 23 February 1991 which was alleged mass rape occurred at ‘KUNAN POUSHPURA’ This is the night of humility and brutality for whole kashmir when our diginity was rubbed under the feet and our future generation was killed without any guilty.The night when the villagers were ready to go bed meanwhile the doors were knocked vey loudly.Everyone there was very terrified because they were known to all these kinds of activities happened earlier.

This was the mass operation where the army has the right to enter the houses without any hesitation with full arms.

The villagers were evacuated from houses and the male members of community were taken aside but the teenage girls and women were captivated in houses.Almost the known and media faced 30 women including teenagers also were gang raped in the darkness of that night.The male members were almost killed and sooner or later the dead body of a male members were sent back to their houses.The children who know nothing what is happening and why is it happening were killed and their mothers and sisters were raped infront of them.where is the so called UNITED NATIONS which is the nominal protector of human rights.Still now those 30 women are asking us for justice who will help them.The case was dismissed in 2013 because of lack of evidences but Alhamdulilah it is reopened now. What will you say about the two sisters who were the pride of our nation AASIYA and NELOFAR were raped and still now they didn’t get the justice?The mother’s whom children are disappread still now wants justice.who will tell them they have been killed and will not come back, l want to ask the women’s day celebrators are you not doing injustice with all these sisters and mothers whose diginity has been ruined?

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Our then state minister NAIM AKHTER also said although we know what all happened there in KUNAN POSHPURA but we are not able to take any step because it is the case of soliders .If you can’t make justice with us,if you can’t make us feel free in this environment then who will come to us and give us justice. So remember my dear brothers and sisters there is no specific date for the women’s day celebration, Everyday is women’s day because it is women by whom we are here in the world.It is not to distribute gifts and remember your beloved ones on this particular date but be the voice of voiceless people especially for women who have been suppressed and thought to be only the thing of lust.

We will enjoy and celebrate women’s day when we will give justice to all those who are demanding for justice and will create such a great status to this creature in our society which the islam has given to her.

So atlast the writer is hopeful that this voice will be raised and the oppressed classes will get their rights whether it is kashmir or anywhere else in world where this creature is being tortured and humiliated day by day. That will be our special women’s day.

Faheem ul islam is pursuing his bachelor’s honours degree in political science at ALIGARH MUSLIM UNIVERSITY.

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