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Dogs on Prowl, SMC in Slumber – Shahid Jeelani

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Dogs on Prowl, SMC in Slumber

”These dogs have made the Living hell, particularly for women,kids and old-age persons here in Harwan areas,”Said Nasir Hussain

Shahid Jeelani / JK News Live

Srinagar, 15 March 2020: Social Activist and the president of the NGO Helping Hands Care Foundation J &K, Nasir Hussain said that the failure of Srinagar Municipal corporation (SMC) to check growing population of stray dogs poses risk to people in the srinagar.
Nasir Hussain said ,packs of stray dogs roaming around in the famous picnic spot Harwan pose serious threat to the residents and commuters.

The canines even attack vechiles and motorbikes plying during the evening hours.

“In absence of any measure taken by the SMC, peoples’ lives remain at risk. These dogs attack commuters in groups. Such has been the scare around that people prefer not to venture out of homes during evening hours,” said Nasir Hussain

In residential areas of Harwan, residents don’t come out of house during early morning hours and during evenings. “One can spot dozens of stray dogs roaming freely, feasting on garbage and chasing residents,” Nasir Hussain said”

“Dogs chase us even during daytime. At least 20 to 25 dogs can be spotted in our street at any time during day,” said Nasir Hussain.

According to Nasir Hussain, authorities have failed to initiate any concrete efforts to control the problem.

“There are always chances of road accidents when a group of dogs chase a two-wheeler rider. Their chase and barking puts the rider under fear who can lose balance and meet fatal accident,” said Nasir Hussain

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Nasir Hussain also complained while hundreds of dogs prowl in the area the authorities had failed to check the menace. “For the past several years the dog population has reached alarming level. Still, the SMC has failed to act,” said Nasir Hussain

Nasir Hussain expressed concern over presence of large number of stray dogs at Harwan. “The stray dogs chase pedestrians even during evening hours. We make a fervent appeal to commissioner SMC to look into the matter and direct the concerned officials to take measures to check the menace,”Because after a long gap of 3 years schools are open now and our children’s are in huge risk because of these street dogs,”They said”

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