Rabia Wani, a famous authoress publishes a new book” Toxic Parenting ” – Ehsaan Yousf

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Rabia Wani, a famous authoress publishes a new book” Toxic Parenting “

Ehsaan Yousf

Srinagar 27 July 2022 (JKNL): Rabia Wani the well-known name in the writing community of J&K has published her new book on ” Toxic parenting “. This is one of the rarest topic till now. It’s just the 2nd book on this particular topic in India and 15th in the world.

She is also the co-author of many books her recently published books are “YOU CAN COUNT ON ME” , “COVID19 _AND WE” “SPLENDID KASHMIR” , THE NOBLE PROPHET MUHAMMAD PBUH” and much more . She write poems and articles on various issues and expresses herself through Magazines , newspapers  and with some organizations like “THE SCIENCE BEHIND CALIFORNIA” . Although she have been a part of various International conferences based on the social issues around the world . She is a prolific writer and loves to share her views regarding various prominent topics which some way or the other helps in society’s welfare.

While talking to her she said ;

I would like to thank almighty for bestowing me with writing as my immortal weapon, which is the most polite gesture to express, confess and Validates my sentiments and notions. Special thanks to my parents family members and friends, who have shown their vigorous and endless support, which indeed made me confident enough to pen my unsaid words on paper.

For the peculiar book named “TOXIC PARENTING”, I could only say this grand victory of us would never turn  into reality without the priceless efforts of our accomplishing co-authors who have put forward their best writings in this book and given their valuable time and artistic touch to this book.

Lastly but most evidently to our beloved readers who have  plumped for this book .

According to miss. Rabia , parents are the most precious and one of a kind gift of almighty to an individual.

They are the one who compromises their happiness, they are the one who exceeds their limits of comfortness, they are the one who puts every efforts for their children very effortlessly. But what if these godly figure becomes toxic for their offsprings.

“Too much of everything is good for nothing”. Parents should know their limits to interfere in the life of their children. They should encourage them the way they can and make their children feel just as an individual like them.

She says, comparing own’s child with others is the first step towards their toxic parenting. Parents should equally support, understand and respect their children’s fabs and flaws.

They should keep enough faith in their upbringing and should set or adapt the changing wonts of the society. They should firstly, think of their children’s happiness, and if they succeed in being the darling of their children then the society will automatically accept them. Parents should understand this that,

“Parenting is the prominent

benchmark to be set first,

society will poke in every

odd and out” (JKNL)

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