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Rohit and Rahul have a chat with Arshdeep. There are changes in the field.

Ehsaan Yousf

19.2 Arshdeep Singh to Asif Ali, FOUR, Pakistan are almost there! Arshdeep misses the blockhole, doles out a full toss and Asif hammers it down the ground

19.1 Arshdeep Singh to Khushdil, 1 run, Arshdeep starts well. A cracking yorker tailing in on off, Khushdil looks to go hard but squeezes it off a thick inside edge onto pad

Arshdeep Singh [3.0-0-20-0] is back into the attack

Just 7 needed off the final over. And it seems like India have been penalised for their slow over rate and will have to have an extra fielder in the ring. It’s Arshdeep with the ball, looking to redeem himself after that clanger

PAK: 175-4 after 19 overs

18.6 Bhuvneshwar to Asif Ali, FOUR, and Asif smashes the last ball for four as well to round off a brilliant over for Pakistan! 19 off it! Was there some confusion between the two fielders converging in the deep. Might’ve rolled away for four anyway. It’s a slower one outside off, back of a length, Bhuvneshwar tries keeping it wide again but Asif slaps it over extra cover

18.5 Bhuvneshwar to Khushdil, 1 run, close to the blockhole, Khushdil jams it downto long-off

18.4 Bhuvneshwar to Khushdil, FOUR, these first four balls have swung it back in Pakistan’s favour! Short at the body, Bhuvneshwar tries varying it up but Khushdil is onto it. He smashes the pull behind square – one bounce into the boundary

18.3 Bhuvneshwar to Asif Ali, 1 run, slower length ball wide of off, Asif is deceived as he tries reaching out and it runs off the toe-end to short third

18.3 Bhuvneshwar to Asif Ali, wide, Bhuvneshwar argues that Asif has moved across the stumps as a wide is signalled. But this slower ball is way too wide. Again a good call from the umpire

18.2 Bhuvneshwar to Asif Ali, SIX, there he goes! Asif Ali has smashed this into the crowd. A slower one outside off, Bhuvneshwar has kept it quite wide but Asif steps across the stumps to get within reach and hammers it over long-on

18.1 Bhuvneshwar to Khushdil, 1 run, 132kph, right in the blockhole outside off and Khushdil can only squeeze it for a single to long-on

18.1 Bhuvneshwar to Khushdil, wide, short ball down leg, Khushdil lets it go

Bhuvneshwar Kumar [3.0-0-21-1] is back into the attack

The equation gets steeper for Pakistan. They need 26 off 12 now with Arshdeep and Bhuvi having one over each. What a finish we’ve got on our hands

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