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Meet Fazila Jan, a self taught Calligraphy artist from Srinagar

Sahil Gulzar

Srinagar, 11 November: 18-year old Fazila Jan hails from Dr. Ali Jan road area of central Kashmir’s Srinagar district is a self taught Calligraphy as well as crohet artist. She has done her schooling from Shaheen Public school and then moved to Kothibagh girls higher secondary institute Lal Chowk.She said that young people are showing interest in this art and she wanted to take this forward. Since birth she has liked to paintand as the time went, she started to participates in the painting Competition in her schooling days.

While talking to— Kashmir Scroll Fazila Jan said that “I was fond of art and craft from my childhood,”I have been doing calligraphy and this creative work for over a month now and I have been doing this all by myself as I have not done any training, or I have not learnt it from anyone. Calligraphy is the art of producing decorative handwriting or lettering with a brush or a pen,” It’s a kind of music not for the ears but for the eyes as well.

I have always been enthralled by nature and I cherish that connection. I feel close to Almighty Allah when I spend time with nature. Colours are an essential part of our existence and it’s evident in nature. Inspired by nature, I love to paint landscapes, sunsets, galaxies and much more.Apart from painting, I also do Arabic Calligraphy,English Calligraphy,and abstract Calligraphy. I believe myself to be a beginner in the vast field of Calligraphy. “I developed my interest in it in the year 2019,” Fazila Jan said while talking with Kashmir Scroll.

In 2020, when COVID-19 pandemic broke out in the World, Fazila Jan came to the Calligraphy field and this was her First time to make Calligraphy and spend more time and got much interest in doing so.

Since then she never looked back and today she is known for her art.She is not letting her studies get effected. She studies and makes Calligraphic art at same time.

Then she started uploading calligraphy design on her Instagram page which gets popular as well people show interest in buying them, This has come as surprize for her as she never expected that she would get such a response.

She said: “I will continue my calligraphy whatever conditions are there. This art takes me close to Almighty Allah by writing Quranic Verses and pious names besides it acts as a stress reliever for me.”

“I would like to say to all the people to show their talent as extracurricular activities are equally important as academic studies and other works. I also request all the parents to support their children so that they can be recognised in various fields,” Fazila Jan said.

She said: “I am thankful to my Parents who supported me in in my journey. Obviously they wanted me to me in Medical field, but i was not interested in that and I choose Calligraphy and see my Parents i can do what i wants and in which i have interest. They supported me alot in it.”

She said that her message to all those who are interested in Calligraphy is that this work needs patience and daily practice. “If one has both, you can be the best calligrapher,” she said. “My request to the youth of J&K is that don’t spend your time in futile exercises but come forward and show your talent because if you have a will to do something, you can achieve any goal of the life.

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