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·Fourteen players from Kupwara district participated in the Chinar Premier League Martial Arts Championship 2021 held at  Zainakot, Srinagar

· Four girls (under 17 years) and 10 boys (under 19 years and open category)   felicitated by Kupwara Terriers.

Indian Army, Kupwara Terriers today felicitated the 14 winning players of Kupwara Martial Arts Academy who participated in the ‘Chinar Premier League Martial Arts Championship 2021’ held at Zainakot Srinagar from 26 to 28 Oct 21, the event was organised by Indian Army Chinar Corps. The event saw 600 players from 20 Districts participate in the three days championship.

The team from Kupwara Martial Arts Academy (4 girls and 10 boys), bagged 14 medals including 03 gold, 05 silver and 06 bronze in individual and team games.

– Aafaq Ahmad Sofi (13 years Male, Dedikote) Team Captain, 1 gold medal.
– Hayder Rashid (16 years Male, Villgam), 1 gold medal.
– Muneer Ahmad (16 years Male, Kupwara), 1 gold medal.
– Danish Bashir (16 years Male, Gulgam), 1 silver medal.
– Liyakat Rasool (16 years Male, Punzwa), 1silver medal.
-Shabir Ahmad (19 years Male, Punzwa), 1 silver medals.
-Saleeqa Tariq (13 years Female, Trehgam), 1 silver medal.
-Momin Munzoor (14 years Male, Dedikote), 1 silver medal.
-Umaid Javid (10 years Male, Dahama), 1 bronze medal.
-Ritaj Shafiq (09 years Female, Dhama), 1 bronze medal.
-Khushboo Gulzar (12 years Female, Trehgam), 1 bronze medal.
-Aliza Tariq (09 years Female, Trehgam), 1 bronze medal.
-Mohd Abass (19 years Male, Drugmulla), 1 bronze medal.
-Sehran Fayaz (12 years Male, Villgam), 1 bronze medal.

Lt Col Gaurav Pathania, Second in Command, Kupwara Terriers congratulated the young achievers for their stellar performance and assured them robust support in the future for their training, development and participation in more competitions. He particularly applauded the young girls for not only competing in a martial art but also performing admirably.

The officer and spoke at length to the players about their experiences, challenges, and reiterated the importance of sports in character building, its importance in furthering their goals of higher studies. He motivated the young children to do even better and represent the district in State and national level championships.

Indian Army, Kupwara Terriers remains in the forefront of encouraging sporting events in Kupwara to boost the culture of Sports and enable the youth to come out and participate in sporting activities.

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