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Meet self taught calligraphy Artist touching sky in field of painting pictures

Ajaz Tantray

Aiman zehra, a self taught Calligrapher hailing from the Lal Bazar area of capital city Srinagar, persuasing bachlors degree in medical steam in Gandhi Memorial college Khanyar srinagar.

speaking to Al-Hind Global News, Zehra said, “I found interest in Arabic calligraphy in the year 2020 and then after my interest started developing in other art forms like nature paintings.”

“I was very curious to touch the sky in both fields like calligraphy as well as in painting but this curiosity refuses my interest in both fields. I also started developing english calligraphy as well. But l don’t have much fond in english calligraphy, l am always paying my heed towards Arabic calligraphy. Whatever l am today it is because of my Parents, they always supported me each and every step in my life.”

She added that, “Every piece of artwork is not related to the society but every piece tells a story. I find beauty in everything. I am a nature loving girl because nature gives us joy and peace, nature and natural world is my real inspiration. She also said that it needs more courage than wings if anybody wants to fly.

My journey started when my father appreciated and supported me in this field, because it was my dream to be a calligrapher and Islamic art is very close to my heart, although it takes lot of effort and hardwork.”

“I was passionate and interested in calligraphy from childhood. Calligraphy gives comfort, peace and helps me to make an image in other personal minds. I have always been interest in art but actually being a Medical student I didn’t get enough time to spend on my art. My message to all those girls who really want to earn their names in the field of calligraphy. Please and please never be afraid to do something new in your life, once you have curiosity and courage you can do everything so do something today your future will bring good things for you”, she said.

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